Shoot your double hook to repair the key pieces and delve into the dungeon

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Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam


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Cool game, but keyboard and mouse controls do not work for me.

so cool and not typical idea and well made, graphics are not the best but gameplay is so fun. 9.5/10

Interesting Idea. The chain is cool. Fun.

Thanks =)

I enjoyed the game, a neat concept.


A idea that outside of the box, i like it!


Not clear how to play with mouse and keyboard.

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Arg yeah good point, I'm only doing gamp pad for now, I'll try to make the kb+mouse during the night



The game is now playable with keyboard & mouse.


It says I can aim with my mouse button, but nothing seems to happen when I click or hold it.

Thanks! A good idea for a game :) I had fun playing it. I did get a bug where I couldn't use the hook on the second level, but when I refreshed the game it worked fine!