A downloadable game for Windows

Play a simple card game with your friends over the internet.

Two player solitaire is a versus game.

Your goal is to win two rounds.

To win a round, reduce your opponent health to 0 or have more health when the deck is empty.

On your turn choose a card from your hand (bottom row) and place it on your board (middle row).

Covered cards go back into the deck.

Make combo to Damage, Heal, Impede your opponent.

Chain : One damage to the opponent.

Flush : Heal one health point.

Pair  : Shuffle the opposing cards into the deck.

Royal (Chain + Flush) : Two damage to the opponent.

Order isn't important to make combos.

Chain can loop : 10 1 2 is a chain.

Good Luck!


TwoPlayersSolitaire.zip 345 kB

Install instructions

Launch TwoPlayersSolitaire.exe

Once the server is running, you can connect to the game with any browser (eg : Chrome) using the URL provided.

Depending on your router configuration, you may need to open or change ports.

More ways to launch the game are available in the git hub repo (such as a docker)

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